Our community assemblies are special events for our school. These are held fortnightly on Friday’s throughout the year in the undercover assembly area. Classes present items at these assemblies which commence at 2.00 pm and take approximately 30 minutes. We look forward to as many parents and relatives as possible attending.


As well as assemblies, we will keep you informed about school activities through the newsletter, issued fortnightly on Tuesday’s. As this is the school’s official communication to parents it is important that you check the school website and for the newsletter every week. Newsletters are also available via email.
Please notify the office if you wish to take advantage of this service.


Term 4 – Newsletter No.17 4th December 2019
Term 4 – Newsletter No.16 20th November 2019
Term 4 – Newsletter No.15 23rd October 2019


Term 3 – Newsletter No.14 25th September 2019
Term 3 – Newsletter No.13 11th September 2019
Term 3 – Newsletter No.12 28th August 2019

Term 3 – Newsletter No.11 14th August 2019
P&C News 14th August 2019

Westminster Schools Newsletter – No. 1 30th July 2019


Term 2 – Newsletter No.10 3rd July 2019
Term 2 – Newsletter No.9 19th June 2019

Term 2 – Newsletter No.8 7th June 2019

Term 2 – Newsletter No.7 22nd May 2019
Term 2 – Newsletter No.6 8th May 2019


Term 1 – Newsletter No.5 10th April 2019
Term 1 – Newsletter No.4 27th March 2019

Term 1 – Newsletter No.3 13th March 2019
Term 1 – Newsletter No.2 27th February 2019
Term 1 – Newsletter No.1 13th February 2019

Notice board

Our notice board is another way we keep in contact with you. Please read it for information relating to coming activities, things needed in the school and interesting news items.