Learning together

At Westminster, we aim high and we learn together.

We are committed to providing the highest standard in education for your child, but importantly we approach education holistically – we want to nurture your child’s emotional and social development along with their growing minds.

The positive and challenging programs we teach at Westminster mean our children develop the necessary knowledge and skills to become confident, independent learners. Literacy and numeracy are of critical importance and are a key focus. We also teach a range of other subjects, such as science, languages, art and music, incorporating the use of information communication technology (ICT)

In this school community, our children are encouraged and supported to ‘have a go’ without fear, and to feel comfortable challenging themselves.

Classrooms are well equipped and comfortable with well-designed grounds for the younger child so they can learn and play in a setting that is age appropriate, safe and stimulating.

Music, in particular singing, has been a long-term interest at Westminster. All classes, from Pre-primary to Year 3 enjoy group and whole school singing lessons. Dance, drama and media enhance classroom activities, through a comprehensive excursion and incursion component.