Child and Parent Centre

Child and Parent Centre – Westminster

Westminster Junior Primary School is fortunate to host one of the 16 State Government funded purpose-built Child and Parent Centres on the school site. The school has welcomed the opportunity to work closely with the Child and Parent Centre in supporting families and their children from our local community, nearby schools and surrounding areas.

Our Child and Parent Centre provides services for families with young children (birth to eight years) giving them access to early learning, maternal, health, developmental and parenting support services and programs for their young children. More information about the Child and Parent Centre Westminster can be found on the Department of Education website at

Our school has been very involved in developing a community focus on the 0-4 year old age group and have established 3 and 4 year old Kindergartens and playgroups.

We also have a fulltime Community Health Nurse located at school providing a full range of supports and programs to families within our community. A purpose built Child and Parent Centre has been completed and is located on Marloo Road.

Westminster recognises the importance of parents being involved in the school community. A child’s development is a task for everyone, and it is best when we work together.

We celebrate our community by bringing us all together as often as possible, so the school runs at least one family event each term.

Child and Parent Centre Westminster Contact Phone Number: 9440 1097

In partnership with The Smith Family.