Travelling to school

Dropping off and picking up your child

Children who arrive at school on time are more relaxed and feel more organised so we encourage you to be punctual. If your child arrives after 8.55 am they will need you to sign a late slip at the front office.

Your punctuality is also very important at the end of the day. Children get distressed if parents are late to pick them up, and teachers need this time after school to prepare for the next day’s lessons. If you are delayed please call the school as soon as possible.

T: 9413 5080.

Parents must also come to the classroom at the end of the day to collect their child.

We also ask that you don’t bring your child to school too early as parents are responsible for their children until the teacher opens the door. Please ensure you bring your child to the classroom and wait outside until the door is open.

It is essential for you to tell the teacher if another person is collecting your child.


There is plenty of parking alongside our school but please obey all parking restriction signs as they are necessary for the safety of our children.

We ask that you be courteous and careful.

Custody arrangements

Please let us know of any custody arrangements that involve your family. Copies of relevant orders need to be provided and kept on file at the school office.

Children leaving school grounds

Once a child arrives at school that child becomes the responsibility of the school. Permission is not granted for the children to leave the school grounds except in special circumstances and with written consent of you.

If you need to take your child off school premises during school hours you are required by law to complete a form at the school administration office prior to collecting your child. A copy of this form is handed to the teacher and a copy is retained by the parent/carer.