WJPS-icons-pre-primaryWelcome to your child’s Pre-primary year.

The information provided on the following pages is in addition to the beginning chapters of this booklet. At Pre-primary, your child’s class will be set up much like their Kindergarten classroom, but the learning is more structured. Literacy, numeracy and social and emotional development are the focus of our Pre-primary programs.

This year focuses on experiential learning opportunities which result in important concepts for later development. Throughout the year your child will also participate in a range of whole school activities.

Your child is definitely going to have an exciting year with endless learning opportunities and our expert Pre-primary Centre teachers will be there to support and care for them every step of the way.

Pre-primary Centre hours

Pre-primary is the start of fulltime school and it is compulsory for children to attend for five days each week.

Bringing and picking up your child

Please adhere to the school policy regarding bringing and picking up your child.  Punctuality is really important. If you are going to be late, please call the Centre as soon as possible.

T: 9413 5088


Bags and equipment

Your child will need two bags:

  1. A reasonable sized bag or backpack, sufficient to fit a lunch box, drink container, morning snack, books, hat, spare clothes and schoolwork. Their bag will help us teach your child about keeping belongings in one place and being responsible for their own property
  2. A library bag is also needed to allow children to borrow books. This bag should be approximately 35cm x 35cm and needs a Velcro fastening or drawstring handle to stop books falling out. Library books are expensive to replace and for this reason we ask that you take care to keep them away from younger children who may dirty or damage the book. Parents will be asked to pay for lost or damaged books.

Your child will also need:

  • The items listed on your child’s official school booklist
  • • One bath towel (to be used during quiet time)
  • A hat
  • A plastic bottle with water to drink
  • One piece of fruit each day (or another healthy snack – see below under “Healthy food and drink”) and
  • A full set of spare clothing in their bag every day (in case of accidents and when children are involved in water play) including underwear, shirt, skirt, shorts or trousers and a jacket or jumper.


Healthy food and drink

In the interest of your child’s dental and physical health, no lollies, sweet biscuits or chocolate are allowed in the Centre. Children will share a healthy snack at fruit time – this is an important part of our social development teaching.

Acceptable foods to send with your child for shared fruit time are:

  • Fruit – apples, oranges, bananas, pears, watermelon, etc.
  • Dried fruit
  • Vegetables/salads – carrot, celery, tomato, cucumber
  • Hard boiled eggs, cold meats, eg polony
  • Cheese, savoury biscuits but not sweet biscuits.

A drink of water will follow shared fruit.


When packing lunch please ensure food is prepared and packed in a manner that is easy for your child to access.

Please notify staff of any food your child is allergic to or is not to eat, as we do cooking activities occasionally.

“No hat, no play in the sun” policy

We care about your child’s health and safety. Please ensure your child brings a named bucket hat (broad brimmed) to school every day. As with the rest of the school, children in Pre-primary who do not have a hat will have to remain under cover either in the sandpit or on the veranda.


Your Pre-primary child will be involved in in-term swimming lessons during Semester two. Information will be sent to parents later in the year.


Please read the information placed on our noticeboard each day because we will provide you with important details of upcoming activities and other items of interest. Also remember to read the main school newsletter which is sent home with your child on Thursday each fortnight.

Your child’s birthday

We love birthdays at Westminster. We welcome you bringing in a cake or cupcakes and hope you will be able to stay on roster to be part of the celebration.

Getting involved

Your child will love having you visit and be part of their Pre-primary Centre, and our parents are welcomed and needed. There are a number of ways you can get involved:

  • Assist with parent help roster
  • Go with the class on excursions
  • Attend parent workshops; attend the school P&C committee meetings
  • Volunteering to wash aprons and hand towels
  • Share any special skills you have with your child’s class (such as carpentry, weaving, pottery or cooking) and
  • Save your ice cream, yoghurt and margarine containers for us. Paper, cardboard, milk and orange juice cartons, tissues boxes, plastic bottles, milk bottle tops, old magazines, cereal boxes etc are all welcome.